For the safety and security of you, other guests, and performers, please observe the following rules and policies of the Save Mart Center.

1. No Cameras

For most events, cameras and other recording devices are not permitted within the Save Mart Center. Visitors found to be using recording equipment may have their device confiscated.

2. Prohibited Items

The Save Mart Center operates a bag search policy. Those who refuse to undergo a bag search will not be permitted entry.

Items not allowed within the Save Mart Center include, but are not limited to:

Outside food, drinks, cans, bottles, or any type of container including coolers (apart from baby food).
Fireworks and weapons including firearms, knives, sticks, chains, spiked jewelry, and spiked belts
Laser pointers
Air horns (marine type in a can)
Backpacks, bags larger than 12” X 6” X 12”, or sealed packages of any type

The Save Mart Center reserves the right to prohibit entry to any person.