Blippi Live at Save Mart Center

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Save Mart Center | Fresno, California

Blippi Live

Save Mart Center is the place to be this Thursday 2nd May 2024 for unsurpassed all-ages entertainment. Because this May, Blippi Live is coming to Fresno, California. This special event brings some of the biggest stars of all-ages entertainment for a once-in-a-lifetime event that you don’t want to miss. Critics are calling Blippi Live, the best thrills of 2024 while fans are lining up for their tickets. This is your only chance to catch the premier family-friendly event of 2024 and it’s only sticking around this spring. So don’t miss out! Bring your friends to catch Blippi Live live at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

When Fresno locals look for magnificent family-fun, they look no further than Save Mart Center. This venue is number one for bringing the unrivaled all-ages events to California. And Blippi Live is just the latest event to come to their stage. But the venue isn’t just about magnificent entertainment. When you visit this magnificent venue, you are getting everything you could ever want. Just picture this. You and your family showing up on Thursday 2nd May 2024 a couple hours before the show. You could visit nearby restaurants for 5-star food. You could visit one of several attractions to pass the time by. Or you could just hang out and listen to tunes in the car with the several parking options close to the front door. And once you come inside it’s no less wonderful! Comfortable seating and a cozy decor. And the friendliest staff in the city! You won’t regret visiting Save Mart Center!

Blippi Live at Save Mart Center

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